Slow your scroll for this “must know” home staging hack! How would you rate your closet organization skills? If someone were to open your closet door, which of these would be their reaction?

Option 1: “Wow! Look at all this space!” or would they think Option 2: ” WOAH! I think I need 3 of these to fit all of my stuff! Well there’s a simple little trick you can put into action before putting your house on the market so that potential buyers are sure to think Option 1! Here it is..

Take out HALF of what is in your closet! That’s right – 50% of what’s currently hanging up, stored on shelves and stacked up should come out! People want to see how much space you have, not how much stuff you have! You don’t have to toss it Marie Kondo style, just get a few storage bins to store things until you move! What do you think? Would removing 50% of what’s in your closet help it look bigger and more organized?

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